About this project
The Exploration of Holographic Content Displays
From 2D projection to transparent displays,
the various Holotube versions support your 4D Holographic
experience in various forms.
The Versatility of Gestures and Voice Interaction
HoloTube is designed for interactive holographic experiences,
controlled by your gestures and voice.
Engage with your holographic assistant and content.

HoloTube Developments



Display with gesture controls and interaction.

Our 2D display with the standing tube-style hardware supports more engaging infotainment experience.
- Gesture interaction


Open source

Our open source HoloCardboard supports your own smart
devices, giving you a portable and flexible HoloDash experience.
- Gesture / voice interaction


Transparent display

Explore the possibility of real holographic infotainment content in driverless cars, through this transparent display.
- Gesture interaction

HoloDash® Engine Interfaces with OBD

HoloDash x Raspberry Promo Reel

HoloDash® Engine on Android

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